Introduction to Coldslap Free-mo

Coldslap Free-mo began as a division of the Chilliwack Model Railway Club in the fall of 2004. One of the members had been exposed to a relatively new concept called Free-mo. A sub-group of the CMRC was formed to pursue the Free-mo endeavour. There were nine original members of the Free-mo group, however, two have since departed and one has disappeared. To offset this membership loss, we have allowed 3 new members to join. Over the past 14 years, we have constructed a 33 foot long, 10 track yard named Coldslap Yard, as a group project. James, a steam aficionado, was industrious enough to construct a roundhouse addition to the side of the yard. The group has constructed several additional modules to expand/allow operations on the layout. Individual members have also been constructing modules of their own to expand the layout.

In the summer of 2011, there came a point when the goals and aspirations of the remaining six members of the Free-mo group no longer meshed with those of the Chilliwack Model Railway Club. As a result, four of the six members resigned from the CMRC to pursue their Free-mo goals. We have formed Coldslap Free-mo as a fellowship of like-minded modellers, and in July 2012 achieved registration as a society operating within BC.

In order to secure liability insurance at a reasonable cost, the group decided that all members of Coldslap Free-mo also be members of the NMRA. NMRA Canada membership can be obtained at a minimal cost of $30 per year which includes the basic membership rights and priviledges. Optional benefits can be obtained at extra cost. Please see NMRA Canada for further information.

Our primary goals are to construct a high quality layout on which to operate realistic trains, and to host or participate in as many Free-mo events as time and money will allow. We seek to follow all the specifications prescribed by the Free-mo Standards to construct reliable modules that can be easily connected with other such modules in North America. It has been proven time and again that compliance with the standards creates functional modules and layouts that are a pleasure to operate. Coldslap Free-mo also seeks to construct modules, and to encourage others to construct modules, that fit a general scheme of scenic treatment. We paint our fascias black and attach black skirts. The scenic elements follow a Pacific Northwest green motif. Although the members of Coldslap Free-mo have created a club, it is not at all necessary to belong to a club in order to participate. An individual is welcome to construct a fully-compatible module and to join in a group event. We are always willing to mentor others in the constuction of compatible modules. Please refer to our Module Specifications document for details.

Space is always a challenge, particularly when one wants it for free. At this time we are renting the Gallery in the basement of the Chilliwack Victory Church building. In there we have been working on the modules and have set up a moderately sized layout on which to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

If you would like further information about Coldslap Free-mo and its activities, please contact Dick Hawkshaw, President (604-824-8464) or Lori Sebelley, Secretary (604-858-5717).