Model Railroad Organisations

Following are several links to various model railroading organisations with brief descriptions of each. Clicking on a logo will take you to the organisation's external web site. Clicking on the name or phrase will open the organisation's web site within this site.

Click to visit the NMRA National Model Railway Association
The NMRA is the international (despite its name), USA-based organisation designed to support and foster the existence of the model railroad fraternity. It sets the standards that allow the products of every manufactuer to work together with those of every other manufacturer. It has been of particular importance in ensuring compatibility within the DCC system. Membership is required to become a member of Coldslap Free-mo.
Click to visit NMRA Canada NMRA Canada
NMRA Canada is a unique entity within the NMRA, providing administrative functions for the residents of Canada. Canadians should apply for membership to the NMRA through this site.
Click to visit the PNR Pacific Northwest Region
The PNR is the Pacific Northwest Region of the NMRA. It includes BC, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. A convention is held annually, that rotates throughout the region.
Click to visit the PNR 7th Division
The 7th Dvision of the Pacific Northwest Region of the NMRA includes BC and the Yukon and Northwest Territories and their members. The annual meeting is generally held in November in conjunction with the TRAINS show in Burnaby, BC. An annual convention is also held within the division, on a rotating basis.
Click to visit the CARM Canadian Association of Railway Modellers
CAORM is an organisation that promotes and supports Canadian modellers in their efforts to construct prototypical Canadian railway scenes and equipment. An annual meet is held at various locations in Canada.
Click to visit Free-mo Free-mo
Free-mo actually prides itself in NOT being an organisation. The founders avoid all the political trappings by not organising into a club. Instead they have instituted standards designed to ensure interoperability between modules constructed by a vast network of like-minded modellers. The concept of Free-mo originated in Europe, and was adapted to the North American modelling styles and equipment.